• A Somali Nation-State: History, Culture and Somaliland's Political Transition - Book Cover
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    A Somali Nation-State: History, culture and Somaliland’s political transition


    Based on Walls’ long-standing engagement with the Horn of Africa, this book offers a comprehensive and fine-tuned account of the current political landscape of the Somali regions, with a particular focus on Somaliland. It details the country’s transition to the current multi-party democracy, and the formation of a hybrid system based on both consensus and representative decision making processes. Somalilanders’ impressive ability to manage crises, often at the last moment, and their careful negotiation of nation-state politics and Somali custom are painstakingly examined, offering a powerful counter-narrative to that of the ‘failed state’ that tends to dominate the region. Walls’ analysis of the successes and challenges that lie ahead resonate beyond Somaliland. This book is an essential read for researchers, policy-makers and practitioners with an interest in governance and politics in the region.